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We provide professional development and community-based initiatives that cultivate equitable access to nature-based education and environmental literacy for all.


Nature-based education, outdoor learning, and play for all


1. Nature connections are essential to healthy development and well-being 

2. Children deserve opportunities for daily outdoor learning and play in all kinds of weather

3. Children as well as educators and families reap benefits of nature-based education and  outdoor play

4. All children deserve safe, frequent access to nature

5. An educator’s primary role is to facilitate learning experiences that honor children's interests, background, and needs

6. Unrestricted and unstructured outdoor play are cornerstones for nature connection, ecological identity, and environmental literacy

7. Confidence and independence are nurtured when children direct their own learning; we embrace the benefits of risk-taking and the potential of emergent, child-directed curriculum

8. Like nature, all children deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion, empathy, and respect

9. Educators need supportive networks and high-quality professional development rooted in relevant, evidence-based practices to facilitate meaningful nature-based education

10. As informed educators it is our responsibility to advocate for all children’s rights to outdoor learning

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