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Healing Circle for Nature-Based Educators

  • Saturday, April 08, 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Online!


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"A healing circle is the process undertaken to promote healing based upon Native traditional belief systems... a sacred symbol of the interdependence of all forms of life." (Stevenson, 1999)

Healing circles are restorative spaces to connect, reflect, and tend to our well-being in the trusted company of others who understand what we're going through. A place of compassionate listening and witnessing, where sharing something from your heart reminds us all how connected we truly are.  In Circle, we practice presence and interdependence – leaning into ancient ways of knowing and being with ourselves and each other, without judgment, interruption, or commenting on what others share. We open ourselves to being seen and heard in nourishing and affirming ways.

Circle is an embodied experience that may include elements of breathwork, art, poetry, music, and gentle movement.

In circle, we welcome you just as you are, and encourage participation only in ways that are meaningful to each person’s unique journey.

This session follows a Tier 1: community and relationship-building Restorative Justice model, adapted from RJOY and HCG Circle teachings, with attention to honoring the sacred lineages of traditional Indigenous circle keeping as learned through the work of Don Coyhis (Mohican tribe), Patricia Barkaskas (Metís), Darlene Johnston (Anishinaabe) and James Audlin’s book, “The Circle of Life: A memoir of traditional Native American teachings”.

While healing circles might feel therapeutic, please note that a healing circle is not a replacement for therapy or any other health care services or treatment from a licensed professional. 

Our Intention

To create a supported space for nourishing ourselves and each other.

Suggestions for Zoom

  • Please arrive on time. Healing circles differ from a workshop model, and rely on community centering practices before we begin. We understand your time is valuable and sincerely appreciate your commitment to co-creating a supported Circle container for all participants.
  • Attend from a quiet, private space where personal details will not be overheard by others.
  • When possible, we recommend using "gallery view" with cameras on to help ensure a group connection while sharing.
  • Come prepared for active, compassionate listening.

More information will be shared at the start of each session. 

Things to Note

This Healing Circle is limited to 12 participants. Due to the intimate and private nature of healing circles, circle sessions will not be recorded.


Jodi Becker, MA (she, they) is an early childhood and healing justice advocate, who offers circle spaces that help us connect, cope, and shift how we show up for ourselves and each other.

Jodi facilitates community circles for educators facing systemic, pandemic, and other daily challenges, for white-bodied racial justice activists interrogating white supremacy culture conditioning, for supporting care-based professionals in sustaining their work, and for the general public. 

Jodi is a certified Healing Centered Engagement practitioner, a Tier I & Tier II trained restorative justice practitioner, a certified Program for Infant Toddler Care trainer, and a 2022 Master's graduate at San Francisco State University. For her/ their field study, Jodi designed an intentional, 8-session circle series intensive to nourish early educator healing and well-being in the context of combating education systems and environments working against teacher wellness.

Jodi lives on the unceded, ancestral homelands of the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples (in what is colonially known as San Francisco) and honors the legacies of Indigenous stewards across the earth and their rights to sovereignty. She/ they can often be found chasing rainbows, thrift and bookshop treasures, and long, leisurely walks in nature.

 To learn more about bringing healing circles to your school or advocacy community, please email Jodi.

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