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Gifts of Spring: Mud and Blossoms

Thursday, March 26, 2020 10:09 PM | Monica Wiedel-Lubinski (Administrator)

Despite the coronavirus and all its ugly repurcussions, spring is here. The Earth's generous spirit calls us to slow down and reconnect with her. With so much time in our quartined communities, the outdoors is a new kind of solace for us all. 

Here we share two simple, fun ways to get outside and celebrate spring! The first is a mud paint recipe. Children may gather mud and play with it before, during, and after the mud paint is done! It's a wonderful for experimentation, both when making the paint and when selecting materials that you can use as paintbrushes (EX. paintbrushes, sticks, or pine needles). You'll get different results depending on the surfaces you paint on, too. 

The second is a recipe that calls for a bowl of sunshine. Or, at least those happy, sunshiny forsythia blooms. This forsythia spring syrup is easy to make and requires lots of lolligagging outside to gather blossoms. Make sure you know what forsythia is before you forage and collect more than you need. In addition to syrup, you can also use the golden decotion as watercolor paint.

There's no way we can wish away the challenges we are faced with at the moment, but we hope these resources offer nature connection and meaningful family time when you desperately need a breath of fresh air.


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