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It's hard to describe the intensity of our five-day Nature-Based Teacher Certification (NBTC) course, but here's what some participants have to say:

"I found a group of people that believed in the idea and science behind nature school programs. I felt and now know this can and IS being done successfully!"

"Sharing experiences with like-minded people was so much fun! We gained information from both the speakers and each other."

"High quality preschool can be provided in a safe and enriching way within nature!! I know how to stand firm in this statement after this week!"

"The amount of expertise from seasoned educators was AMAZING!"

"My biggest take-aways are that I am supported by an amazing group of nature educators who want the same things for young children that I do. I also realize that can be working a lot harder to bring this work to kids who don't have access to it."

"I cannot express enough gratitude - from scholarship, to individual time, to nourishment - thank you!"

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