Visiting Mentorship

If you'd like some honest feedback and evaluation, our visiting mentor program can do just that.  An experienced administrator from a nature preschool/school or forest kindergarten program can offer specific insight on your program. This is a specialized service based on your needs. Contact Monica with questions or for more details.

Starting a Nature Preschool or Forest Kindergarten

Whether you are starting a nature preschool, forest kindergarten, or another nature-based initiative at your school or nature center, ERAFANS can help. We offer guidance and practical support no matter what stage of planning you are in. Whether you're looking for help from start to finish, or you need a one-on-one session, we can help you navigate various aspects of the planning process. 

Planning Your Natural Play Space

It's an exciting project, but how do you keep it moving forward? If you need buy-in from administrators, parents, or staff, we can help. If you are looking for design ideas, a timeline, or help harnessing resources, we work with you to make your vision happen.
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